Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hawke Is Here

I was lucky to work as the stills photographer on this epic Australian project directed by the very talented Emma Freeman. and produced by The Film Company.

Screening on Channel 10 during 2010

As mentioned on SMH.COM.AU

Richard Roxburgh as former PM Bob Hawke, Rachael Blake as Hazel and Asher Keddie as Blanche. If that doesn't get you watching one of the most anticipated telemovies of the year, nothing will. The real Bob Hawke even consulted on the project. Of course he did.

Here are the released stills so far:

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I have so many photographic books but the one that i pick up first is Picture by the genius that is Tim Walker... Please hear his podcast

Tim Walker IS the Ideas Man.

Please please please let me do an Internship with him soon!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MY 2009 LIST

I would happily read lists for ever.
I love to disagree with a Best of... list. Or agree with the sub-sub Art Editors album of 2009.
Lists are my foundation to survival.

Top Exhibitions:

1. Dorothy Lange, Madrid, Spain
2. Erwin Olaf, Paris, France
3. Annette Messenger, London
4. Girls Kick Balls, Fitzroy
5. Yann Gross, PhotoEspana, Spain

Low-lights yet hilarious looking back:

1. Without realizing.. I asked a blind person if she could please look at my camera.
2. Getting kidnapped by a cult follower in Alice Springs.
3. Ordering nuts at the Alice Springs pub.
4. Standing on a dead kangaroo in the desert of the Flinders Ranges whilst naked and trying to put on a tutu.
5. Food Fight in Spanish market. horrible disaster.

Top Shoots:

1. Film Stills for Hawke
2. Any shoot with Art Director Esther Justin: Pure Genius.
3. Pure Emotion Portrait Series
4. Yana Alana-Paper Moon
5. Chris Lilley

Gigs/Events of the Year:

1. NYE dancing+Beyonce + Rooftop + Rain + Melbourne
2. Leonard Cohen, Winery
3. Patti Smith, Arts Centre
4. Christmas in July, Yandoit
5. Marissa Gibsons speech after winning AFI for Samson and Delilah

Heroes of 2009

1. Trinkets, person
2. Melbourne, place
3. Tim Walker, Inspiration
4. Acne Magazine
5. Kanye West
6. Debra Morgan, Dexter
7. Both Samson & Delilah
8. Tina Fey