Monday, October 7, 2013

Normanton - Indigenous Hip Hop Projects

 Last Sunday after a rather large Grand Final party at our house we mopped the floor and Tim Hillier & I hopped on a plane headed for Brisbane 24 later we arrived in Normanton with a dance crew from Indigenous Hip Hop Productions.  

IHHP works on the principal of using the ‘arts for change’, focusing on Indigenous young people’s strengths, developing their skills and attitudes and working closely with partners to support community development. 

Tim and I spent three days making a short doco about the young people of Normanton. It certainly was a big adventure that culminated in a screening at the twerkin mayhem "blue light disco" on Friday night.

Here are some behind the scenes photographs featuring some legends we met along the way.
Lookout for the video soon.  Ps. Click on images to make larger.