Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Weekend In Yandoit - Women's Knitting Group

Often we visit Yandoit for a rest at the family homestead. A few weekend's ago we stumbled upon the annual Lesbian Knitters Meeting at the Yandoit Town Hall... how times have change since our school concerts circa 1990.
This was a 'women only' event, watched over by a picture of the Royals... I'm sure they would be proud. 
Most often they use wool from their pet sheep, as you can see the wool featured is named "Radclyffe" I assume in ode to iconic lez author Radclyffe Hall
On another note I was the lucky winner of the raffle...Now I just need to learn to knit.

This wonderful woman was indeed one of the head honchos of the Lesbian knitting scene, so far as I could tell. Her vest was knitted by a friend for her 70th birthday and it's colours customised to her favourites. She laughed a lot and chatted in a Canadian accent, and encouraged us to vote on our favourite pieces in the show. Her pockets were parts of old Hawaiian shirts on orange courdourouy. Naturally I was impressed. She said to say 'If anyone asks, I'm a naturally bearded woman. Not transitioning or anything, just lucky, and brave enough to wear it around'. Cheers to that!
Anne here was in charge of warming up the quiches, and keeping the cuppas flowing, and casually cruised around meeting and greeting. Her scones (or the scones she presided over) were top shelf. We nibbled and surveyed the scene. She was undeniably a strong part of the club. She politely but surely told blokes at the door that it was a bloke free zone and carried on with business, graciously pausing for a photo. (Ta Anne!)

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Collaboration with performer Shian Law - Thousand Pound Bend -INTERVENTION: A Strategy for Spatial Practice.

A few weeks back the beautifully talented dancer Shian Law invited me for an afternoon of photo taking and dancing at Thousand Pound Bend. Shian created a live-art intervention, a performance for micro-curatorial actions and I photographed it/them.  Here are some photos combining afternoon light and sequence flash. 
Performers are:
 Anna Belle, Emily Ranford and James Whalesby and Shian Law