Sunday, September 23, 2012

Working 5 til 6

Monday is my computer day. Processing, invoicing, processing, emailing, facebook and google trawling.  When I started photography I spent most of my spare time in the darkroom, it felt like a secret and truly technical craft, far removed from sitting on a chair for 8 hours.  Obviously digital is here to stay and sadly I find myself using my computer more than using my camera.

Sometimes I only use my camera when I'm told or paid. It sucks. So I have set a little project to spend an hour a day between 5pm and 6pm shooting around my block. ( between Smith and Brunswick, Gertrude and Johnston) I guess it's a treat for me.

I'm obsessively watching the progress of the construction site across from our building.

Entry 2 - Monday 24 September - 

Entry 1 - Monday 17 September -

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Live Video - Darren Hanlon - Fraser Island, East Brunswick

This was shot on a cold night at Darren's "pop up" house/venue called Fraser Island, situated in the suburb of East Brunswick in Melbourne Victoria. Darren wanted to record his last night there before the bull dozers crushed it down. Evelyn /Pikelet popped in and played some piano.
The random footage features some highlights of the past happenings and beautiful people that walked through the door and experienced all that was Fraser Island.