Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Behind the Scenes _ Thread

My recent exhibition THREAD with Skinny Nelson is hanging on the walls of Somedays Gallery in the sunny city of Sydney. Thread has been a huge project that started over three months ago in a cafe in Melbourne.
The most important element for this project was finding the right people. We sourced subjects through photos on facebook and friends and family.
The series offers a glimpse into the private world of some rather amazing and inspiring individuals. I want to share with you the 12 final subjects and a little info about who they are and how we arrived at the final image.

Thread will be on in Sydney until December 3, so please do yourself a favor and check it out!

Dante: Perfect angel, young man, loves his mum (that's who he is looking at in this image). Dante imagined he was the king of a castle surrounded by a sea of clothing.

Tracey: Family friend, a proud Yigar Gunditchjmara Person fighting for the rights of the Indigenous people. We built a rock and reflected the tones of the Australian landscape.

Luke: A Tasmanian based in Melbourne, an incredible professional dancer and choreographer. Luke wanted space to think about this brief, he then came and requested something to dance to. Patti Smith's Rock and Roll Nigga and Luke went wild.

Rabbit: Little Rabbit Hutch moved from Primitive Brisbane to Ancient Melbourne 50,000,000 years ago, during the Great Leporine Migration of YesterYear. He has also been a contributor to the GLBTIQ community for many a year now. The portrait session was all about THOSE TATTOOS!

Russell: Is my step-father and an all round great guy. Russell is a renowned Sculptor and Jeweler, who lives in Yandoit with my mum. He spends his time drinking coffee, making sculptures, looking out for Kangaroos and doing Cryptic Crosswords. Russell built this hanging sculpture and then lay under it.

Shian: Gorgeous, humble, talented dancer with an amazing head of hair. Shian danced so beautifully that I had trouble focusing.

Tim: Artist, Model, Musician. Tim delicately posed and moved very so gently and thoughtfully.

SuSu: Aunt, fashion guru, fortune teller and hat collector. SuSu is always willing for adventure and this was no exception.

Lily: Model, generally amazing and so beautiful. We wrapped her up in one very large piece of fabric.

Audrey: Only seven, but Audrey is so talented as a gymnast and dancer. Audrey was down in Melbourne from Queensland to watch her favorite team play at the Grand Final... luckily her team won. There are two images of Audrey because I just love them both. Some people didn't realize that this was the same person.

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